A recent article in SecurityInfoWatch.com looks at SelectaDNA’s Criminal Tagging System and how it can help with retail loss prevention.

Can forensic tagging reduce shrink?

SelectaDNA offers retailers a unique solution to combat robberies & theft

Here is an excerpt from that article:

According to the most recent edition of the annual National Retail Security Survey (NRSS) published last June, retail shrink topped $50 billion in 2018 for an average of 1.38% of all sales for the year.

Companies have started to develop solutions that seek to identify the perpetrators of retail crime which they believe will have a greater deterrent effect than the industry has thus far seen with merchandise alarms.

One company on the frontline of these efforts is SelectaDNA which tags criminals with a uniquely identifiable spray.

“What we simply are is a forensic marking technology. Every unit of the forensic solution we make has a unique code in it, it’s never replicated… so when it’s applied under certain circumstances – either the person or the item – we can tell where they were marked, and the date and time they were marked,” explains Joe Maltese, Vice President of Marketing and Operations for CSI Protect, the company that is distributing SelectaDNA in the U.S.

“It’s providing irrefutable evidence to law enforcement that links a person or item to a crime scene. You can think of it as an invisible serial number that stays on your skin for four to six weeks and on your clothing for a couple of months.”

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Retail Loss Prevention - A recent article looks at the SelectaDNA Criminal Tagging system and how it can help retail loss prevention.