A recent article in Security.World looks at SelectaDNA’s Criminal Tagging System and how it works with Milestone’s XProtect VMS to reduce theft.

Global Launch of Milestone XProtect VMS with SelectaDNA Forensic Criminal Tagging System
by Jay Bartlett

Here is an excerpt from that article from Security.World and Jay Bartlett:

The primary focus of the technology is crime prevention, with a documented reduction in crime (robbery, burglary and theft) an average of 40 to 86 percent where deployed.

When a crime is committed, the forensic marker enhances law enforcement abilities to undeniably identify criminals, and items, and link them to a specific crime scene and date and time…


The XProtect integration provides clients with enhanced security measures by allowing for remote activation of the Criminal Tagging System from anywhere around the world.

The Criminal Tagging System can also be integrated with intrusion and access control systems via automatic sensors, panic buttons, money clips, EAS and RFID technology.

“Video will no longer be standing alone as evidence,” said Henrik Friborg Jacobsen, co-founder of Milestone Systems and chief advisor and investor with CSI Protect – the exclusive distributor of SelectaDNA technology in North America.

“Criminals, via the XProtect-SelectaDNA integration, can now be forensically tagged and undeniably linked to a specific crime scene. This cutting-edge integration provides enhanced crime prevention outcomes for clients of Milestone integrators and aids law enforcement investigation efforts.”

If you would like to see how the SelectaDNA’s Crminal Tagging System can help your business reduce theft click here.

 Reduce Theft - Image from the website Security.World with the article about SelectaDNA's Criminal Tagging System and How it works with Milestone Technology’s XProtect VMS to reduce theft and reduce crime.

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