Milestone XProtect VMS Integration with the SelectaDNA Criminal Tagging System

A recent article in SDM magazine examined the launch of the Milestone XProtect VMA Integration with the SelectaDNA Criminal Tagging system. Here is a sample of the article posted on on April 7.

Milestone Systems announced the launch of its XProtect VMS integration with the SelectaDNA forensic criminal tagging system to enhance crime-fighting outcomes of video surveillance systems. The integration combines the functionality of verifiable video date/time stamps and video footage with forensic tagging technology to enhance criminal investigations and ultimately reduce crime — with a focus on burglary, robbery, theft and unauthorized access.

The crime-fighting technology, used for more than a decade in more than 30 countries, utilizes forensic markers (codes/sequences) to tag criminals with an invisible forensic mist. The water-based non-toxic invisible solution remains on criminals’ skin and clothing for weeks to months, allowing police to irrefutably identify them well after the commission of a crime via the use of a special frequency UV light.

The primary focus of the technology is crime reduction, with a documented reduction in crime — an average of 40 to 86 percent where deployed. When a crime is committed, the forensic marker enhances law enforcement abilities to identify criminals and items, and link them to a specific crime scene and date and time.

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A Powerful Crime Reduction Tool the SelectaDNA Criminal Tagging System

If you would like to learn more about the SelectaDNA Criminal Tagging System Click Here or call 888-673-2973. Forensic marking technology has been successfully used for more than a decade in 33 countries. It is now available and being deployed in the United States. It is a powerful crime reduction tool proven to prevent and deter crime – with reduction in crime (burglary, robbery, theft) ranging from 40% to 86% where deployed.  Secondly, if a crime is committed, the technology enhances law enforcement’s ability to irrefutably identify then apprehend and convict criminals.


Crime Reduction - A recent article looks at Milestone Systems XProtect VMS with the SelectaDNA Forensic Criminal Tagging System. This is the article posted on