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Property Marking Kits considerably reduce the likelihood of home burglaries, by up to 86%. They also help return lost and stolen items to the rightful owners. This affordable crime prevention, and property recovery, technology is used in hundreds of thousands of households across the globe. This crime prevention product is used and endorsed by many police agencies in dozens of countries.

Forensic Property Marking Kits

SelectaDNA Property Marking Kits produce precipitous drops in residential crime, with reductions in home burglaries by up to 86%. It’s easy to use and protects valuables such as jewelry, electronics, tools, sporting goods, collectibles, heirlooms and countless other items. The kits allow police to immediately, and positively, identify recovered items. Tamper-resistant warning stickers identify marked property as too-hot-to-handle for would-be criminals. The unique forensic code from each unit is registered in the highly-secure international database – creating an instant link between recovered items and owners.

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CSI Protect is the exclusive US distributor for SelectaDNA technology.