Robbery, Burglary and Theft
Prevention Systems

SelectaDNA’s marking solutions are proven to substantially reduce robbery, burglary and theft.

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Forensic Marking Technology

SelectaDNA’s forensic marking solutions serve as a powerful deterrent to criminals – proven to reduce crime by 40% to 86%.

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For Businesses

Deter criminals from targeting your business by raising awareness they’ll be marked, caught and then convicted when forensically tagged by SelectaDNA’s Intruder Spray System.

Business Solutions

For Law Enforcement

Police crime prevention initiatives around the world are drastically reducing crime rates with SelectaDNA. Forensic marking technology also enhances law enforcement abilities to irrefutably identify, then apprehend and prosecute criminals.

Law Enforcement

For Home Security

SelectaDNA Property Marking Kits help prevent home burglaries by up to 86%.  It also aids police in the apprehension and conviction of criminals and helps return lost or stolen items to the rightful owners. Through the combination of universally unique forensic codes and microdots, law enforcement is able to link marked items with a specific owner and ensure the person in possession of an item is indeed the lawful owner.


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CSI Protect TV

CSI Protect is the exclusive US distributor for SelectaDNA technology.