Security Alarm Installers and Certified Dealer Program

Forensic Marking Technology to Reduce Crime – Burglary, Robbery, Theft and Unauthorized Access

This forensic marking technology is proven to substantially reduce crime – especially burglary, robbery, theft and unauthorized access.

The system has been successfully used for more than a decade in 33 countries, and is now being deployed here in the United States.

Here are a few benefits for you to consider:

  • No Dealer Fees
  • Sell, Install and Maintain Systems to Existing and New Clients
  • Recurring Monthly Revenue from Monitoring and Maintenance Fees
  • Free Technical Training and Support
  • Free Sales and Marketing Training and Support
  • Competitive Advantage in Your Market

Security Company’s New Source of Revenue

You will benefit from a welcome new source of revenue and profit from the sale of systems, installations and the all important Recurring Monthly Revenue or RMR.

CSI Protect provides initial, and ongoing, training and support as well as marketing for your technical and sales staff.

Once you are approved as a Certified Dealer you are eligible to receive installation jobs in your area.

We provide the product and technical guidelines and you work the job with your sales and installation teams.

Call today to see if you are a good fit for the program 888-673-2973.

Certified Dealers benefit by providing its clients with enhanced security technology and crime prevention outcomes.

SelectaDNA technology easily integrates with most security systems (intrusion, access control and video) for enhanced crime-fighting results.

It also works with Milestone Systems XProtect Video Monitoring Systems and other Video Monitoring Systems for remote activation and video time stamping.

Certified Dealers gain distinct competitive advantages over other security and alarm companies.

Forensic Marking Technology to Reduce Theft at Banks, Jewelry Stores &  Pawn Shops

The Criminal Tagging System can be installed and integrated with your clients’ existing security systems.

Security alarm installers can enhance security for banks, jewelry stores, pawn shops, gun stores, casinos, check cashing stores, grocery stores, fast food restaurants, quick service restaurants as well convenience stores.

Business owners can learn how the SelectaDNA Criminal Tagging System works with security systems installed at banks, jewelry stores and pawn shops by contacting us or calling 888-673-2973.

Any business that has a security system alarm will benefit from the Criminal Tagging System to protect assets and aid law enforcement efforts to identify, apprehend and prosecute criminals.

The technology has produced crime reduction rates between 40% to 86%.

Enhanced revenue, net profit and commissions achieved via:

  • Sale and installation of technology to integrate with your existing security systems
  • Sale and installation of technology as a standalone offering
  • RMR from maintenance and monitoring plans

  • Revenue from product upgrades, replacement of forensic canisters, purchase financing fees and interest and leasing options


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CSI Protect is the exclusive US distributor for SelectaDNA technology.