Forensic Tagging Spray for Evidential Marking

Scientifically, and irrefutably, links criminals to specific crime scenes. A powerful crime deterrent that also enhances outcomes of criminal investigations.

  • Proven to undeniably identify criminals
  • Investigation and prosecution evidence
  • Approved by law enforcement
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Invisible forensic ID codes

Available to law enforcement,  the forensic Tagging Spray is a proven crime-fighting tool against robbery, theft, looting, rioting, vandalism and other crimes.  The technology allows for the discreet forensic marking of offenders and their getaway vehicles. Forensically marked criminals are directly linked to a specific location and criminal activity providing powerful irrefutable evidence to identify an offender, then apprehend and prosecute.

How Can Law Enforcement Agencies use this Non Lethal Forensic Tagging Spray

This technology forensically marks criminals with an invisible forensic ID code which lasts on skin, clothing and items for weeks to months. Each forensic ID code, created in the laboratory, is universally unique and will never be replicated in the history of the world. This provides for 100 percent accuracy in identifying suspects and linking them to specific crimes.

The unit is easily operated with one hand. Activated by using a thumb, or forefinger, to release the invisible forensic solution to mark a criminal at a distance up to 23 feet (400 ml canister) and 16 feet (30 ml and 60 ml canisters).

  • Police-approved handheld tagging device
  • Emits a harmless and invisible forensic ID solution that does not escalate situations
  • Designed for rugged operational use and to prevent accidental discharge
  • Marks (up to 23’ away) criminals’ skin, hair, clothing, shoes, stolen items and getaway vehicles
  • Interchangeable belt clip allows for right or left-handed use
  • Essential training provided free of charge.

Free Training to Law Enforcement Agencies for Forensic Marking  Crime Fighting Tools

With the use of forensic marking technology growing across the United States, webinar-based training has been developed to train LEAs how to properly utilize the technology for criminal investigations and crime prevention initiatives.

Cost: No cost to LEAs for training or materials

Training Method: via live webinar

Duration of Training: approximately 45 – 60 minutes

Instructor: Robert Saenz, Detective/Investigator, NYPD Crime Scene Unit (Ret.)

Recommended Participants: Supervisors of Detectives/Investigators, Patrol, First Responders, Forensics/CSU and K9 – plus staff recommended by each department’s leadership

Law Enforcement Procedure Manual
4th Amendment Legal Analysis

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