for Law Enforcement

Law enforcement agencies play an integral role in executing CSI Protect’s proven crime-fighting strategy, which employs the use of forensic marking technology from SelectaDNA and consistently produces notable reduction in burglary, robbery and theft. Law enforcement agencies are trained about the proper legal procedures to accurately identify forensically marked criminals, then apprehend and convict them. In addition to playing a frontline role in reducing crime via forensic marking technology, law enforcement agencies also directly purchase and deploy various crime-fighting solutions from CSI Protect.


Forensic Tagging Spray

SelectaDNA Tagging Spray is instrumental in aiding law enforcement efforts to track, identify and apprehend fleeing criminals by forensically marking their clothes, skin or getaway vehicle. The Tagging Spray is becoming very effective in combating illegal use of ATVs and dirt bikes being brazenly driven on highways and city streets, with reduction of such crime up to 70%. The non-lethal forensic spray, which has a reach up to 23 feet, will remain on criminals’ skin for four to six weeks and clothing and vehicles for two to three months – leaving them vulnerable to arrest long after the criminal act.

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Forensic Property Marking Kits

Law enforcement agencies around the globe, including Los Angeles and Knoxville, have successfully used SelectaDNA Property Marking Kits to produce precipitous drops in residential crime. These police-coordinated campaigns have produced reductions in home burglaries by up to 86% in high-crime neighborhoods. It’s easy to use and protects valuables such as jewelry, electronics, tools, sporting goods, collectibles, heirlooms and countless other items. The kits allow police to immediately, and positively, identify recovered items. Tamper-resistant warning stickers identify marked property as too-hot-to-handle for would-be criminals. The unique forensic code from each unit is registered in the highly-secure international database – creating an instant link between recovered items and owners.

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Forensic Gel

The forensic Gel is used to irrefutably identify criminals tampering with, or stealing, property or illegally accessing premises. Works as an excellent investigations tool for use in undercover and ‘bait’ operations. Can be applied to countless items, including but not limited to door handles, car doors, windowsills, tills, safes and other indoor access points and equipment. Once a criminal comes in contact with the clear gel, it transfers onto his and clothing – irrefutably linking the criminal to the crime scene.

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Spray Shield

The Spray Shield is a durable, lightweight protective shield for law enforcement for use in public order policing operations. It combines with SelectaDNA Tagging Sprays to mark and indisputably identify a criminal from a specific location at a specific time.  The system provides law enforcement officers with strong resistance to human impact, projectiles and liquids. Designed to allow both hands to be free.

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High Velocity Tagging System

Law enforcement faces many challenges attempting to identify and apprehend criminals in a crowd – or at distance – during riots, looting and illegal public demonstrations. The High Velocity Tagging System is a non-lethal police device. It uses unique forensic-coded pellets to mark criminals and their vehicles (from a safe distance) and undeniably identify them as being at a specific crime scene.

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Forensic Search Dogs

The first of its kind in the world, specially trained dogs are able to detect the forensic solution on a wide range of items such as metals, electronic equipment and even criminals themselves. Canines’ olfactory system are perfectly designed to identify the unique molecular scent of the forensic solution. Training only takes approximately four to six weeks.

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CSI Protect is the exclusive US distributor for SelectaDNA technology.