Forensic Marking Technology for Security Guard Companies

Tagging Spray is a proven crime-fighting device that forensically, and irrefutably, links criminals to specific crime scenes.

The handheld sprays are used by law enforcement and licensed security guards to forensically mark criminals – and their getaway vehicles – from a safe distance, allowing for proper identification at a later time or date.

Highly effective against robbery, theft, unauthorized access, vandalism and other crimes.

  • Ideal for police, security guards and qualified employees to discreetly tag, then later detect, criminals involved in specific criminal activity
  • Excellent tool for crime prevention efforts, as well as enhancing criminal investigations to more effectively identify, apprehend and prosecute offenders
  • The invisible forensic solution is aimed at a criminal’s torso, or backside, with intention of marking clothing, skin and getaway vehicles
  • Each universally unique forensic ID code is registered to ensure each piece of evidence is connected to a sole owner and location

How Does it Work?

  • Tags criminals with universally unique forensic ID codes
  • No code will ever be replicated, providing law enforcement with absolute certainty in connecting a criminal to a specific crime scene
  • The invisible solution remains on skin and clothing from weeks to months
  • It is detected by law enforcement using a special frequency UV light, or specially-trained K-9s
  • Essential training is provided, gratis, to law enforcement and security guard companies
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Security contractor Venture Security Management (VSM) is using Forensic Tagging Spray to deter crime and aid in criminal investigations.

Commercial guards and patrol officers working for VSM are using it as an extra layer of protection as they go about their day-to-day work making sure people, property, equipment and premises are safe.

Paul Howe, Managing Director at VSM, said: “The reason we started using the forensic sprays was due to the potential for our officers to be witnesses to serious assaults, robberies, thefts and other crimes in areas they are working. We also wanted to be able to do what we can to assist the police in catching and bringing effective prosecutions against these kind of offenders.

“The spray gives our officers the ability to act positively in situations where they might not necessarily be able to restrain offenders. We also feel that the spray can act as an effective deterrent against assaults on our staff.”

To learn more about how the Forensic Tagging Spray can be used by security guard companies call 888-673-2973 or click here.

Free Training to Security Guard Companies for Forensic Marking Alternatives to Lethal and Less-Than-Lethal Crime Fighting Tools

With the use of forensic marking technology growing across the United States, webinar-based training has been developed to train LEAs how to properly utilize the technology for criminal investigations and crime prevention initiatives.

Cost: No cost for training or materials

Training Method: via live webinar

Duration of Training: approximately 45 – 60 minutes

Instructor: Robert Saenz, Detective/Investigator, NYPD Crime Scene Unit (Ret.)

Recommended Participants: Supervisors of Detectives/Investigators, Patrol, First Responders, Forensics/CSU and K9 – plus staff recommended by each department’s leadership

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