Tactical Global Solutions (TGS) is a Veteran Owned, Small Business

Tactical Global Solutions (TGS) is a Service-Disabled, Veteran Owned, Small Business. They offer a wide range of services to military organizations, first responders, federal agencies and our citizens. Their services include business consulting, logistics as well as private security.

In addition they offer tactical equipment such as surveillance systems, modular storage systems, protective shelter systems, combat communications kits, V1 Fire Rescue and Safety systems, emergency response tools and other mission tested equipment for purchase.

Tactical Global Solutions specializes in the testing, feasibility, scale, and logistics for products in the tactical gear, weapon, and home/work defense industries. Their business consulting services includes a step-by-step guide that enables TGS to identify where you are now and work with you on getting you to the place you need to be. 

Their professional relationships in the tactical gear industry and with our military, law enforcement and first responders customers allows us to open doors and introduce new capabilities and products.

SelectaDNA is the Leading Forensic Marking Technology

SelectaDNA is the global leading forensic marking technology with a full range of property, infrastructure and offender marking solutions, using a completely secure and unique synthetic DNA technology. SelectaDNA, which is water-based and non-toxic, is proven to reduce theft and burglaries by up to 86%.

SelectaDNA not only reduces crime but also enables law enforcement to link criminals to specific crime scenes and secure convictions.

CSI Protect is headquartered in Tequesta, Fla., and is the exclusive provider of SelectaDNA technology in the United States and Canada – providing full-service crime-fighting expertise to prevent and reduce crime, as well as aid law enforcement in the efficient, accurate identification and apprehension of criminals.

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CSI Protect is the exclusive US distributor for SelectaDNA technology.