Over the past months, Oklahoma, like most states in the United States, has been experiencing a rise in ATM thefts.

In January, Verdigris authorities asked for the public’s help in locating three suspects that attempted to steal an ATM. Police said the suspects were equipped with a stolen truck, tow truck hooks, along with a chain to assist their efforts. Their actions were reportedly caught on security surveillance footage.

In the Verdigris case, the suspects failed to tow the ATM away as their chain broke as they were trying to pull the ATM away. Even though the suspects’ theft did not go as planned, the bank reportedly was left with thousands of dollars in damages. According to police, the truck used during the crime was a stolen from a man in Owasso. The ATM was damaged enough in this instance that the suspects may have been able to vacate with some of the cash. (News on 6)

In April, a stolen white pickup truck was utilized in another attempted ATM robbery, this time in Oklahoma City. Oklahoma City officers spotted a chain wrapped around an ATM at Oklahoma Federal Credit Union at NE 36th and Lincoln. Authorities also found the stolen pickup in a field.  (OKC Fox)

In one of the latest ATM thefts, suspects took police on a wild chase in the city of Tulsa. On July 22, an ATM theft had occurred at Communication Federal Credit Union at 31st and Sheridan. This incident also included a white stolen pickup truck. Video surveillance showed three men hop out the truck bed and quickly utilize tow straps and crowbars. The fourth suspect behind the wheel of the truck managed to pull the ATM out while the other suspects moved quickly to haul the ATM away.

Officers reported to the scene and spotted the truck nearby. Tulsa police attempted a traffic stop, however the driver decided to take off instead. As police were in pursuit, they say $20 bills were flying out the back of the truck. The truck exited in Sand Springs and crashed into the fence of a local residence. Unfortunately, the suspects were able to flee the scene.  Even with the assistance of Tulsa police helicopter and a K9 they were unable to locate the suspects. (Jailbirds)

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ATM crime costs financial institutions excessive amounts of money that reduces profit and operational efficiencies.  Even when an ATM robbery attempt is unsuccessful, it leaves behind a path of destruction, lost revenue and costly repairs.

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