The United States is experiencing numerous ATV and bike thefts, a crime affecting individuals and dealerships.

Back in May 2020, The Round Rock Police Department reported both dirt bike and ATV theft from a local Round Rock business, Team Scream Motorcycles. A 2005 Yamaha dirt bike, red and white 2008 Honda dirt bike, and a multi-colored 2006 Yamaha were stolen from the company. The ATV was a 2017 TAO. (Fox 7 Austin)

Earlier this year, according to Power Sports Business, Nault’s Powersports in Windham, New Hampshire, encountered this issue when five of their 2021 Kawasaki bikes were stolen. These bikes were worth an estimated $38,000. The dealership’s video surveillance revealed the suspects pushing the bikes out. Nault’s Powersports was even willing to pay a $10,000 reward.

More recently, a suspected serial dirt bike and ATV thief was hospitalized after an accident in Ohio. In this instance, the thief’s method of operation was to meet with sellers from Facebook Marketplace and steal the dirt bikes and ATVs from them. The suspect allegedly scheduled test drives for both dirt bikes and ATVs and differing locations. He would begin test driving the vehicle and then flee the area with it.

Ohio authorities said several similar incidents occurred before the suspect’s crash, where he lost control of an ATV. One of the victims reported that the suspect handed over an envelope with money. The money was just one-dollar bills, and before the victim could react, the thief was gone. (ABC 13)

Camden County, New Jersey, has also faced similar crimes. For example, at a Gloucester Township unit, three suspects were caught on surveillance stealing multiple ATVs worth an estimated $25,000. The suspects cut through the victim’s fence so they could grab ahold of the vehicles. (Fox 29 Philadephia)

During the summer months, there has been an uptick of similar reports across the U.S. For example, in Wolcott, Connecticut, thieves stole an ATV and dirt bikes from a construction company. Olmstead Contracting reported two suspects vacating the business with an ATV and dirt bike. In this case, the business owner ended up allegedly shooting at the suspects, which ultimately led to an arrest warrant for the owner himself along with an initiated investigation to locate the thieves. (Fox 61)

Bike theft in general has been on the rise during the pandemic. According to NPR, cities like Seattle and Denver have seen anywhere from 26 to 54 % increase in reported bicycle thefts. (NPR) Bike dealers have also faced similar challenges. For example, in Denver, Colorado, an electric bike store, eBikes USA, was broken into. Two suspects crashed into the business’s windows with a U-Haul only to find that the e-bikes were locked. Even though they did not get away with the valuable products, 16 bikes were damaged along with the building itself. (Fox 31)

These are only a few examples of the diverse ways that criminals track down and steal valuable ATVs and dirt bikes. This type of crime puts individuals and businesses at a loss, leading to frustration and more when they cannot recover their items.

Learn how to prevent these crimes from occurring and, if a crime is committed, how to track, identify and recover ATVs and bikes.